Bluey Kool

Meet Bluey Kool

While in a coma induced by a heroin and cocaine overdose, Blue'ell Koolidge's soul is sent to purgatory.

An epic quest

During this unwilling journey, his soul is granted powers and instructed by a faceless voice to complete three specific deeds. Once the deeds are completed, his soul will be returned to his body.

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a new hero

Now dubbed Bluey Kool, he must fight his way through Soul City back to the living.


About the Artist

Shawn Colvin was lost in the grips of drug addiction for 22 years. Homelessness, crime, incarceration, and drug use became a way of life for him. After a great many unsuccessful recovery attempts to total spiritual bankruptcy he landed at the doorsteps of the Helping Up Mission in Baltimore City in 2011. It was there that he turned his life around and discovered his true passion and purpose. Creating comic books and helping others onto the path of recovery became the catalyst for the birth of Bluey Kool.

It is Shawn’s belief that everyone has an inner power - a gift. Today he sets upon a journey in which he coaches and motivates others to discovery their true power and potential.